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Councils and Committees

The MDA has 10 Standing Councils and 5 Subcommittees. Council terms are 3 years in length. Committee terms vary. The MDA also appoints Ad Hoc Task Forces to serve upon need or special project. MDA members interested in serving on specific councils, committees or task forces are encouraged to contact their district officers or the MDA office to obtain additional information or to volunteer. 

What Council are you best suited for?
Are you looking for a way to contribute your energy, knowledge or expertise for the betterment of your practice, organized dentistry and the profession? Council work provides the pulse for responding to the ever-changing issues that we face today, a chance to anticipate needs and shape our future.  We understand that you need the majority of your time for your business and your family and we'll make it easy for you to participate.  Click here to see where you fit in and pick a council or two.
 2013-2014 Councils and Committees

Council on Communications

Dr. Melinda Lucas (Chair), Dr. Jennifer Ray, Dr. Jason Farese, Dr. Jason Coleman, Dr. Sherry Pippen, Dr. Jamie Ross, Dr. Pia Chatterjee Kirk (Editor) and Dr. Paula Strange.
Council on Constitution and Bylaws
Dr. Jason Farese (Chair), Dr. Rhett Simmons, Dr. Tom Lobrano, Dr. Rebecca Courtney, Dr. Tiffany Green, Dr. Will Baker and Dr. Don Doty.

Council on Dental Health
Dr. Ed Holiday (Chair), Dr. Germaine Gottsche, Dr. Mel Stromeyer, Dr. Donald Price, Dr.Clyde Musgrave, Dr. Neva Eklund and Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth.
Council on Finance
Dr. Sherry Pippen(Chair), Dr. Will Baker, Dr. Peter Boswell, Dr. Don Presley, Dr. William Alford, Dr. Steve Miner, Dr. Reid Lester and Dr Joe Burns. 
Council on Governmental Affairs
Dr. James Russell Dumas (Chair), Dr. Craig Martin, Dr. David Curtis, Dr. Tiffany Green, Dr. Mark Donald, Dr. Matthew Fairburn,  Dr. Ryan Tracy, Dr. Raanne Tindle, Dr. John Tomsik and Dr. Paula Strange.
   Subcommittee: MDPAC (MS Dental Political Action Committee)
Dr. Drew Middleton (Chair), Dr. James Russell Dumas, Dr. Scott Bauer,  Dr. Teena Horn,  Dr. Joe Burns, Dr. Thad Strange, Dr. Tony Chapman, Dr. T. Delton Moore, Dr. Brant Kairit, Dr. Valerie Turner, Dr. Bert Keel, Dr. Craig Martin, Dr. Rhett Simmons, Dr. Chuck Wood and Dr. Bob Rives. Mrs. Peggy Rives, Stephen Keel and Andrew Dulaney.
Council on Insurance
Dr. Chuck Wood (Chair),  Dr. Richard Strachan, Dr. Ken Crawley,  Dr. Doug Tillery and Dr. Joe Burns.
Council on Membership
Dr. Reid Lester (Chair), Dr. Eric Hyde, Dr. Brent Crumpton, Dr. Tom Hodge, Dr. Don Doty,  Dr. John Hodge and Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth. 

   Subcommittee: Committee on the New Dentist
Dr. Shelly Segrest Taylor (Chair), Dr. Leslie Brewer,  Dr. Joey Helton, Dr. Cassey Hardin, Dr. Darren Alexander, Dr. Kristy Goff Jones, Dr. Shelley Hughes, Dr. LaShundra Thompson, Dr. Jonathan Flint, Dr. Stacy Carter, Dr. Brennan O'Brien and Dr. Julia Brandon.
Council on Nominations Awards and Education
Dr. Carrie Iles (Chair), Dr. Stephen Joe, Dr. Acie Whitlock, Dr. Brendon Berg,  Dr. Chad Harris, Dr. Mindy Austin and Dr. Harold Kolodney. 
Council on Peer Review and Ethics
District I
Dr. Lea Farese, Dr. Christine Rayburn,  Dr. Sarah Crain, Dr. Vicki Gann, Edward Knight and Dr. Vivian Draper.

District II

Dr. Adam Hodges, Dr. Bradley Stewart, Dr. Jenny Shutt, Dr. Bryant Trotter and Dr. Mike Huoni.

District III

Dr. Brock Martin (Chair), Dr. Jim Bennett, Dr. Charles Belknap, Dr. David Gilmore,  Dr. Hank Singley and Dr. Tony Bounds.

District IV
Dr. Pat Welsh (Chair),  Dr. Mike Harkins,  Dr.Wendy Hawkins-Lewis, Dr. Tommy Byrd, Dr. Guion Gee and Dr. Chris Hughes.

District V
Dr. Wade Bishop (Chair), Dr. Clay Hilton, Dr. David Tuminello, Dr. Neal McIntyre, Dr. Andrea Davis and Dr. Grafton Teets.

District VI
Dr. Shannon Patterson(Chair)
, Dr. John Dale Dumas, Dr. Hugh Leggett, Dr. T. Delton Moore, Dr. Sherry Pippen and Dr. Nic Belk.
Council on Supportive Services
Dr. Jennifer Ray (Chair), Dr. Gary Reeves, Dr. Charles Greer,  Dr. Chris Oswalt, Dr. Nic Belk, Dr. Tom Wiggins, and Dr. Sherry Pippen.

  Subcommittee: MDCAT (MS Dental Crisis Action Team)
Dr. Don Doty (Chair), Dr. Beth Shelton and Dr. Jennifer Ray. 

  Subcommittee: MARD (MS Association of Recovering Dentists)
Dr. Mitch Hutto (Chair), Dr. Teena Horn,  Dr. Ferrell Fort, Dr. J. David Bounds and Dr. Wayne Starnes.
  Subcommittee: MS Dental Disaster Team
Dr. Gary Reeves (Coordinator), Dr. Charles Greer, Dr. Tracey Dellinger, Dr. Scott Gatewood, Dr. David Seago, Dr. Matthew McCabe, Dr. Robert Maddux, Dr. Raymond Thornton and Dr. Don Doty.
Volunteers make our councils, committees and task forces work effectively on behalf of everyone.  Thank you!

For a list of Council / Committee members and chairs duties for the year please click here.

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