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Councils and Committees

The MDA has 5 Standing Councils and 3 Subcommittees. Council terms are 3 years in length. Committee terms vary. The MDA also appoints Ad Hoc Task Forces to serve upon need or special project. MDA members interested in serving on specific councils, committees or task forces are encouraged to contact their district officers or the MDA office to obtain additional information or to volunteer. 

What Council are you best suited for?
Are you looking for a way to contribute your energy, knowledge or expertise for the betterment of your practice, organized dentistry and the profession? Council work provides the pulse for responding to the ever-changing issues that we face today, a chance to anticipate needs and shape our future.  We understand that you need the majority of your time for your business and your family and we'll make it easy for you to participate.
 2015-2016 Councils and Committees

Council on Administration

Dr. Sherry Pippen (Chair), Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth, Dr. Andrea Elenbaas, Dr. Peter Boswell, Dr. Steven Porter, Dr.Greg Evans, Dr. Charles Belknap, Dr. Curtis Caskey, Dr. Robbie Williams, Dr.Jeremy King, Dr. Sarah Carlisle, Dr. Chuck Wood
Council on Communications
Dr. Melinda Lucas (Chair), Dr. Pia Kirk (Editor), Dr. Mark Williams, Dr. Brent Crumpton, Dr. Brad Roberts, Dr. David McGrew, Dr. Kyle Hunt, Dr. Rose Rider, Dr. Brennan O'Brien, Dr. Jamie Ross, Dr. Paula Stewart

Council on Dental Practice & Governmental Affairs
Dr. James Russell Dumas (Chair), Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth, Dr. Andrea Elenbaas, Dr. Neal Martin, Dr. Brad Jenkins, Dr. Alan Lucas, Dr. Charles Caskey, Dr. Rebecca Courtney, Dr. Sherry Pippen, Dr. Mark Donald, Dr. Drew Middleton

Dr. Drew Middleton (Chair), Dr. Mark Donald (Sec/Treas), Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth, Dr. Andrea Elenbaas, Dr. Scott Bauer, Dr. Brant Kairit, Dr. Rhett Simmons, Dr. Ed Holliday, Dr. Peter Boswell, Dr. Hank Singley, Dr. James Russell Dumas, Dr. Joe Burns, Dr. Stewart Strange, Dr. Tony Chapman, Dr. John Sullivan, Dr. Valerie Turner, Dr. Delton Moore, Dr. Craig Martin (Past Chair), Miss Peggy Rives (Alliance), Nathan Nunnelee (D-4 Student), Jamie Hargett (D-3 Student)
Council on Association Governance & Ethics
Dr. Rebecca McDougald (Chair), Dr. Don Doty, Dr. Eric Herrington, Dr. Jason Farese, Dr. Jason Coleman, Dr. Chad Harris, Dr. Guion Gee, Dr. David Tuminello, Dr. Shannon Patterson, Dr. Sherry Gwin, Dr. Tom Lobrano
 Subcommittee-Peer Review
District I: Dr. Vivian Draper (Chair), Dr. Lea Farese, Dr. Vicki Gann
District II: Dr. Bradley Stewart (Chair), Dr. Adam Hodges, Dr. Jenny Shutt
District III: Dr. Tony Bounds (Chair), Dr. Hank Singley, Dr. Jennifer Hughes
District IV: Dr. Pat Welsh (Chair), Dr. Gion Gee, Dr. Britton Montgomery
District V: Dr. Neil McIntyre (Chair), Dr. Delton Moore, Dr. Sherry Pippen

Officers: Dr. Don Doty (Speaker), Dr. Eric Herrington (MbB)
Council on Membership & Member Services
Dr. Reid Lester (Chair), Dr. Joe Burns, Dr. Paula Stewart, Dr. Fanasy Deming, Dr. Teena Horn, Dr. Cassey Hardin, Dr. Eric Herrington, Dr. Chris Frigo, Dr. John Dale Dumas, Dr. Kristy Goff Jones, Dr. Delton Moore
Subcommittee-Member Supportive Services (MARD, MDCAT, Disaster)
Dr. Joe Burns, Dr. Paula Stewart, Dr. Fanasy Deming, Dr. Bo Perry (Dist I Leader), Dr. Jenny Shutt (Dist II Leader), Dr. Joel Drummond (Dist III Leader), Dr. Joe Burns (Dist IV Leader), Dr. Wayne Starnes (Dist VI Leader)
MDA Foundation
Dr. Mark Donald (Chair), Dr. Paula Stewart, Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth, Dr. Mark Williams, Dr. Peter Boswell

Volunteers make our councils, committees and task forces work effectively on behalf of everyone.  Thank you!

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