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Study Club Provider Materials

Study clubs must register annually with the MDA office

•    The fees for Study Club registration and support services are as follows:
$50.00/year              Annual registration (concurrent with the MDA fiscal year – July 1-June 30)
$25.00/per quarter  Program registration for CE courses provided by a study club

•    The Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners accepts educational programs registered with and viagra online best prices approved by the MDA for mandatory continuing education hours.

•    The MDA requires Study Clubs to register annually by providing an updated registration form and an annual registration fee of $50.00. (Registration of the study club is maintained on file for reference purposes and verification for three years as required by the MSBDE.)

•    An additional charge of $25.00 will be assessed quarterly to registered, participating study clubs. This maintenance fee is designed to cover the administrative costs of providing this service to area study clubs.

•    In order to properly maintain records for continuing education hour verification as required by the MSBDE, each individual program must submit a course information form and an official list of all attendees to the MDA office upon completion of the program. This information will be kept on file for verification for three years as required by the MSBDE.

•    It is the responsibility of the study club designee to contact the just try! levitra potency MDA for program registration and subsequent follow-up attendee verification as needed. The MDA office will in turn be responsible for maintaining submitted information for verification upon request of the MSBDE.  It will not be the responsibility of the MDA office to perform the duties of the study club designee. The MDA provides the registration and record keeping as a service to the study club.  Accurate and adequate records will rely on the study club designee and the subsequent provision of the information to the MDA office. The information on the course information form will include the name of take viagra weekly the education course, the person presenting the xenical online weekly course, the number of actual CE hours as well as other pertinent information.

•    The study club will be responsible for furnishing individual CE verification slips to each person in attendance. These slips are designed to serve as verification should proof of CE attainment be required by the MSBDE. 

•    Blank registration, course information forms, sign-in roster and CE slips for study clubs can be downloaded here as needed.

July 2015 - June 2016 please use CE Validation number:   201516MDAsc


  • Download a 2015-2016 Study Club Registration Form here

  • Download a 2015-2016 Study Club Course Information Form here

  • Download a 2015-2016 Study Club Roster Form here

  • Download 2015-2016 Study Club CE Attendance Verfification Form here


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