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Employment Needs Listing

As part of our valuable services we strive to provide for MDA members, we are now offering a service that will maintain  an updated list of dentists, dental hygienists, and other dental team members who may be available for permanent, part-time, or temporary employment.

This new service works as follows:
An Employment Needs Listing Form for completion is available on the MDA website.  Completed forms are to be submitted to the MDA office and the information provided will be maintained in the MDA Office on an electronic log listing for a 90 day period. Non-MDA member dentists will be charged a fee to post an employment needs listing. This fee will be $100, as determined by our MDA Board. Other dental team members will not be charged to post a listing. If an individual desires to be included on the employment listing log after the initial 90 day period, they will need to resubmit a completed form to the MDA office for another posting. (Note – a non-member dentist will be required to pay an additional $100 fee for another 90 day posting.)

The Employment Needs Listing Log will be made available to members and buy accutane click now non-members upon request at no charge.

It is the desire of the MDA to serve our dentists and dental community by offering this service. Please note that the MDA will not be performing job placement services, only providing information regarding employment needs.


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