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For Dental Students

Our strength is the commitment of our members to serve organized dentistry. We need members that are eager to present new ideas and thoughts to carry out the Mississippi Dental Association’s plans for the future. By supporting the UMMC School of Dentistry and building relationships with the students from the time they begin dental school, we are able to help transition the students from dental school into organized dentistry. Our future and the advancement of the dental profession depends upon the efforts and commitment of our future dentists!

Each year, the MDA promotes or supports the following programs geared toward UMMC SoD students:

Lunch and Learns
Presented throughout the school year.

Mentor Program
-To form relationships between students and members of the practicing   dental profession
-To provide an avenue for students when  they are seeking additional information
-To provide students a relationship with an experienced professional outside of the dental school environment to “bounce” ideas off of or to get an additional  opinion

-To enable dental students to obtain guidance from an experienced professional with concerning issues related to providing dental care
-To integrate the dentists of tomorrow with the dental community

What is a Mentor
-A practicing dentist who is a member of the Mississippi Dental Association that is willing to be an additional resource to the dentists of tomorrow
-A wise and trusted friend
-A good listener; someone who cares
-Someone who helps another develop his or her own vision and work to their fullest potential
-Someone who has experience and has “been there”
-Someone to serve as a source of information

Responsibilities of the Mentor
-Initiate first contact then communicate frequently
-Express your expectations for the relationship-define what you hope to gain from and offer to the relationship
-Provide opportunities for the protégé to see first hand the inner workings of the dental office
-Show students what it means to be a professional and a member of the dental community
-Invite students to participate in professional activities with you (professional meetings, continuing education etc)

What is the role of the School of Dentistry
-Assist with pairing of students with mentors
-Educate students concerning the Mentoring Program
-Assist with planning and promotion of mentor related activities
-Work with MDA Mentor Coordinator to inform Mentors of upcoming events
-Assist MDA Mentor Coordinator with resolution of Student/Mentor differences if needed
-Assist MDA Mentor Coordinator with evolution of  the program

Annually, the MDA contacts UMC SoD students to provide an opportunity to participate in the Mentorship Program on a voluntary basis. Students are matched with MDA mentor volunteers per the information needs and interests identified in the application process.  If you are interested in the Mentorship program please contact Tamra Shepherd at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

MDA Senior Student Award
This annual award is presented to the graduating senior who demonstrates outstanding characteristics for continued success in dentistry while attending the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry.

UMMC Senior Class Convocation and Banquet
The MDA assist with sponsorship of the this annual event honoring the graduating senior class.

Other ADA Programs Custom Designed for New, Intermediate and Graduating Dental Students
These programs are provided by ADA trained dentist facilitators as well as MDA member volunteers. These organized dentistry volunteers present programs that address information about the profession as well as tips on a successful dental school journey to graduation.

MDA Board of Trustees and Mississippi Dental Association Political Action Committee Board Service
Student representatives are selected by SoD administration to serve on these oragnized dentistry boards. Annually, a D-3 and a D-4 are selected to serve through meeting participation and are kept informed of activities via electronic communications.

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