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Frequently Asked Questions

1.         What is the difference between the Mississippi Dental Association and the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners?

The MDA is a voluntary professional member organization for dentists and female viagra pills the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners is the state agency that licenses dentists to practice and regulates the practice of dentistry in the state of Mississippi.

2.         What does the MDA do?

The MDA is a professional member association representing over 950 dentist members throughout the bying viagra online cheap us the best choice state of Mississippi. 

3.         Is a dentist required to be a member of the MDA?

No, dentists are not required to be a member of the Mississippi Dental Association.  However, approximately 80% of Mississippi’s licensed dentists choose membership due to the valuable member benefits they receive and to support organized dentistry in our state.

4.         Is my dentist a member of the MDA?

Look for a dentist by name in our Find a Dentist search.  If the dentist profile is located in our database, that verifies their MDA/ADA membership.

5.         How can I get a copy of my records, when my dentist will not honor my request?

Dentists are required by law to provide records to patients upon request. A patient may be charged for the expense of providing the record. If you are experiencing a problem obtaining records from a dentist, you may contact the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners for assistance at 601-944-9622.

6.         What can I do if my dentist over charged me for dental services?

The Federal Trade Commission prohibits regulating dental fees.  All dentists are allowed to set their own fees for dental services.  However, your dental insurance plan may only cover a certain amount for services, be sure to verify your insurance coverage payment plan prior to your dental treatment. 

7.         What can I do, if I have a dispute against a dentist?

You may call the MDA to find out if the dentist is a member or use the Find a Dentist search to verify membership.   If the dentist is a member and your dispute involves the appropriateness of care, the quality of care, or fees paid for care, you may request a brochure from the MDA office that explains the Peer Review process provided by our association. 

8.         How can I advertise my company to MDA Member Dentists?

MDA advertising opportunities are listed under the Vendor menu tab.

For other FAQ resources you may reference the following link:

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