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The dentists of Mississippi have a long history of giving back to the less fortunate in their communities. In 2010, The Mississippi Dental Association board and volunteers felt that as a larger group, more could be accomplished. Out of their passion and desire to reach out the thousands of Mississippians without dental care; the Mississippi Dental Association Foundation (MDA Foundation) was birthed. The MDA Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 developed for the purpose of sponsoring projects and promoting activities that improve the oral health of all Mississippians. The MDA Foundation believes that oral health is an intricate part of the overall health and the well-being of an individual, and that meeting individuals’ oral health needs will greatly enhance quality of life. The mission of the MDA Foundation is to increase access to dental care for Mississippians through outreach projects and community programs.

In 2011 The MDA Foundation organized its first outreach project. To realize the vision, the MDA Foundation partnered with the America’s Dentist Care Foundation Mission of Mercy (AMOM), the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, and many other generous sponsors to host the State’s first ever Mississippi Mission of Mercy (MS MOM) project. The MS MOM project is a free, 2-day, large-scale dental clinic for low income, uninsured and underserved Mississippi children and adults who cannot afford to pay for dental care. MOM projects have been hosted in various states since 2000. The MDA Foundation followed the project model from AMOM to help organize Mississippi’s first MOM project. The event in 2011 was hosted at the Jackson Convention Center in Jackson, MS and was a great success in which 1,435 patients from all over the state received over $650,000 in dental care. The MDA Foundation board members and volunteers were eager to organize a second MOM event.
View a short video of MS MOM 2011

After years of planning, the second MS MOM project was held in April of 2013. It was again a 2-day, large-scale dental clinic for those without access to dental care. The project was held at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl, MS. Once again, our generous volunteers and supporters enabled the project to provide free dental treatment to 1,259 patients who were in pain and/or needed dental treatment to improve general health and well-being. The value of free dental care given was just over $627,000. The date and location have not yet been determined for the next MS MOM Project. 
Click here to view a video of MS MOM 2013 event.

We need your support.  Please consider making a donation of at least $50.00 to the MDA Foundation.  Of course any amount is most welcomed and appreciated. 

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