MDA Annual Awards

Nominations for 201​9-20 MDA Annual Awards are open though February 1, 2020.  
Awards will be presented at our 2020 Mississippi Dental Meeting in Orange Beach, AL.

Each year, the MDA accepts nominations for the following awards:  

  • Dentist of the Year Award
  • New Dentist of the Year Award
  • Humanitarian Award

How to nominate an individual:​ 

Nominations for these awards require submission by February 1, 2020 for review and consideration by the Council on Membership and Member Services. Nominations are to be electronically submitted via the link below.


The person making the nomination must be: a Mississippi Dental Association member, an employee of a member dentist, or directly involved in a dental related environment or profession. (Examples include: employed by a dental lab, works or volunteers at ​a charity dental clinic, serves as a dental program coordinator or is a UMMC SOD employee or alumni.) ​Individual submitting the nomination must include their name and contact information when completing and submitting a nomination form. 

Any supporting documents should be included with the nomination and mailed or emailed to the Mississippi Dental Association  office. (Example: copies of newspaper clippings, articles, photos etc. would be helpful to Council members who are reviewing and considering nominees.) When supporting documents are being provided, it should be noted on electronic form.


The MDA congratulates the following 2018-19 MDA Award recipients:

Dr. ​​Sherry Gwin

Dr. ​Barbara Mauldin

50 Year Members

District I          Dr. James A. Jones,
Dr. C Spencer Lee
District III       Dr. Lowery A. Faler,
Dr. Bill G. Molpus
District IV       Dr. James David Duncan,
Dr. Louis B. Guy, Dr. Joseph W. Patch,
Dr. Donald L. Seago
District V        Dr. Francis E. Janus,
Dr. Billy Dean Williams

Life Members  

District I          Dr. Doris E. Marquis,
Dr. George J. Marquis,
Dr. Robert Newton,
Dr. John Robinson, Jr.
District II        Dr. James R. Philley,
Dr. Ronal F. Roberson
District III       Dr. Barbara B. Mauldin,
Dr. William M. Myers, Jr.,
Dr. Thomas S. Rowland, Jr.
District IV       Dr. B. Michael Carter,
Dr. Grover Hankins,
Dr. Barinder P. Singh, Dr. Acie Whitlock, Jr.
District V        Dr. Michael R. Humphreys,
 Dr. Theresa Jones
District VI       Dr. James H. Stuard  

Dental Student Award
Dr. ​​Toby Brandon