How to Become an MDA Endorse​d Company

What is an MDA Endorsement?

An MDA endorsement is an exclusive agreement between a company or service provider and the MDA. A contract with legal review is required to specifically establish guidelines for the Mississippi Dental Association and company/service provider to follow as well as an agreement of royalty reimbursement. (Most endorsement contract agreements are issued for a three year term or longer.) 

In turn, the Mississippi Dental Association will provides acknowledgement to our membership conveying and marketing the endorsed company/service provider. The Mississippi Dental Association Council on Administration evaluates the contract specifications of the endorsement relationship through initial and then ongoing review and then provides recommendation to our MDA Board.  
The Council on Administration requires that the following item checklist be utilized and provided by companies who wish to be endorsed by the MDA:  

1. A detailed description of the program to be endorsed must be supplied as well as a formal proposal. The proposal should include names and contact information of the company and representatives that will be assigned to the Mississippi Dental Association endorsed account.  

2. A proposed endorsement royalty percentage should be provided  to the Mississippi Dental Association along with an anticipated projected revenue amount over a specified time frame.

3. A statement verifying that the company is financially sound. (e.g, Dunn and Bradstreet report).

4. A draft of a proposed marketing plan that may include marketing dollars the company is willing to commit to the Mississippi Dental Association for the endorsement.

5. Information that details any dispute resolution system the company uses for dealing with customers' questions and/or concerns.

6. Disclosure of whether the endorsement conflicts with any Mississippi Dental Association or ADA policy and/or positions (to include the American Dental Association Seal of Approval) that the company may be aware of.

7. Provide references of other dental associations or other entities who participate in an endorsement program with your company. 

In turn, the Mississippi Dental Association will provide acknowledgement to our membership of the endorsed company and our working relationship. The acknowledgement will include but is not limited to the following:

  • A listing of the endorsed company on the Mississippi Dental Association website,
  • Additional e-blasts, announcements and periodic promotion highlighting the endorsed company in an “Mississippi Dental Association Endorsed Companies Spotlight” to our membership,
  • Inclusion on our list of endorsed companies in the annual Mississippi Dental Association Member Directory and Resource Guide,
  • Semi-annual notification to our membership listing our current endorsed companies/services per our printed Mississippi Dental Association Insider newsletter.
  • The Mississippi Dental Association will provide advanced notification of sponsorship/marketing opportunities in conjunction with Mississippi Dental Association events to our endorsed partners.
  • The Mississippi Dental Association will share an annual electronic membership list to be utilized by the company or service provider for marketing to members.
  • The Mississippi Dental Association will grant permission for endorsed company to use the MDA logo on marketing materials. Note – each use must be approved by the Mississippi Dental Association in advance.
Any company interested in being an MDA Endorsement should contact the MDA office and any of our staff can assist:      
601.664.9691  or

The information noted above should be provided. The Council on Administration will review the proposal and make a recommendation to the MDA Board for a final decision.