MDA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees

Dr. William Alford, MDA 2nd VP

MDA President
Dr. ​Bill Alford

Boswell Candidate photo

Dr. Peter Boswell

Dr. Hollingsworth  photo
Dr. Brad Jenkins

Dr. ​​​​Brad Jenkins 

Mauldin, Dr. Barbara

Past President
Dr. ​​​Barbara Mauldin    

Dr  Roddy Scarbrough Picture
Dr. Rebecca Courtney

​1st Vice President
Dr. ​Rebecca Courtney


Dr. ​Fanasy ​Jefcoat

Kevin-Holman-picture (2)
Dr. Kelly Trout

​2nd Vice President
Dr. ​Kelly Trout

ADA Delegate
Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth

Pia Chatterjee

Dr. Pia Chatterjee Kirk

ADA Delegate
Dr. Roddy Scarbrough

Dr. Trey Donahoe

Member at Large (A)
Dr. ​Trey Donahoe


Ex-Officio Member
  (UMMC SOD Dean)

Dr. ​David Felton

ADA Delegate
Dr. Kevin Holman

NO Photo 145x193

Member at Large (B)
Dr. ​​Jeff Zimmerman

NO Photo 145x193

UMMC SOD Students
 ​Sanders West

Dr. Sherry Gwin

ADA Elected Alt. Delegate
Dr. Sherry Gwin

Executive Director, Shannon Coker

Executive Director
Shannon Coker

NO Photo 145x193

UMMC SOD Students
Carley Cotten

Dr. Tenna Horn
District I Trustee   Dr. Trey Donahoe
District II Trustee 
Dr. Patrick Shipp District I Alternate Trustee    Dr. Jason Coleman  District II Alternate Trustee 
Dr. Stephen Stanford District I Trustee    Dr. Olivia Van Gordon District II Trustee 
Dr. Vivian Draper   District I Alternate Trustee    Dr. Hamilton Brown District II Alternate Trustee
Dr. Charles Belknap
District III Trustee    Dr. Tiffany Green
District IV Trustee 
Dr. Chad Harris  District III Alternate Trustee   Dr. Guion Gee  District IV Alternate Trustee 
Dr. Zach Crawford District III Trustee    Dr. Matt Milner District IV Trustee
Dr. Eric Herrington District III Alternate Trustee    Dr. Wendy Hawkins-Lewis District IV Alternate Trustee 
Dr. Jeff Zimmerman
District V Trustee   Dr. John Dale Dumas   District VI Trustee
Dr. ​Matthew J. McCabe
District V Alternate Trustee    Dr. Shannon Patterson District VI Alternate Trustee 
Dr. Carol Hilborn District V Trustee    Dr. Sherry Pippen  District VI Trustee 
Dr. Jason Rosetti District V Alternate Trustee    Dr. Carrie Iles  District VI Alternate Trustee 
MDA Alternate Trustees are appointed to attend MDA Board meetings if District Trustees cannot

  • Past Presidents 2000-Current
  • Past Presidents 1950-1999
  • Past Presidents 1900-1949
  • Past Presidents 1876-1899