Retiring Dentist Resources

When you are considering retiring or selling your practice, visit the links below for retiring dentists to review comprehensive checklists and other considerations that will allow you to transfer your practice smoothly and guarantee an easy transition.

If you are ready to retire the Mississippi Dental Association can help!

First, In order to set the process in motion you must fill out a Retired Affidavit which will be used to update your status official with ADA and MDA. Simply fill out the top two-thirds and return it to Tamra Shepherd at

When the process is complete, you will be notified by the ADA, and so will the MDA. When we are notified by the ADA, we will update your record to reflect your retired membership status.

Second, the ADA's Guide to Closing a Dental Practice contains useful information, you should also visit the ADA Center for Professional Success for more tips.

You can also contact Tamra Shepherd at to place a classified ad to help sell your practice, look for associates or sell equipment. Ad placement is free for our members. Note free advertising does not apply if you are using a professional transition company in the sale of your practice.

We hope you will take advantage of the resources of your dental association as you plan for retirement.