More than 1,000 dentists are members of the Mississippi Dental Association.

Why do they belong?

They belong…..
to build and maintain successful practices
to be better dentists in serving their patients
to support their profession
to advocate for optimal oral health for the public

Why should I join the Mississippi Dental Association?

You will belong to the voice of the profession in the state of Mississippi. Dentists face many challenges from negotiating with insurance companies to complying with government regulators to keeping up with professional development and running a successful business. Membership in the Mississippi Dental Association helps you navigate those challenges and gives you an opportunity to shape the practice of dentistry in Mississippi. Membership in the Mississippi Dental Association benefits dentistry, it benefits patients, and it benefits you. We are much stronger together than we are individually. Be part of something larger than yourself. Belong. It’s the right thing to do.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out the online application and your member information will be emailed to you.  

Do I have to pay dues for ADA, MDA and my District?

Yes. We are part of a tripartite membership structure, the ADA, MDA and your local district. Annual invoices includes dues collectively.  We then forward the money to the ADA and your District.  

What will MDA membership do for me?

Support your profession.  Address issues that affect you on state and national levels.  Helps you maintain and grow your practice by keeping you up to date on advances in practice management and offering resources to make your practice more efficient. Our Endorsements and Business Partners program brings you tangible benefits and discounts on everything from professional liability insurance, tax planning, medical waste removal to office supplies and equipment.