Join or Renew Your Membership

We invite you to become a member of your professional association and to take advantage of the many programs offered to you through organized dentistry.

Streamline your dues renewal and simplify your live with auto-renewal. Members can now pay dues with a safe and convenient auto-renewal option to maintain membership. The auto-renewal plan allows your dues to be automatically renew and charged to your credit card annually.

The auto renew plan will give the option of being a once-per-year payment plan that the MDA will process continuously from year to year until a member asks the auto renew/payment to stop. Members are allowed to update/change their credit card, recognizing it will expire at some point, or if they wish to change to a different card for future charges. However, to cancel any automated credit card charge, members will need to contact the MDA Office.

Related to voluntary contributions, the auto renew will continue to include the previous year’s amounts given (e.g., if you give $50 to MDPAC in one year, the auto renew option would continue to charge that same voluntary contribution in subsequent years). If a member wants to change a voluntary contribution for any subsequent membership year, they must contact the MDA to ask for the change in amount.

To choose the Auto Renew Payment Option, please look for it on your 2022 dues statement on-line and/or on your paper invoice to take advantage of this time saving feature. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact the MDA Office at 601-664-9691.

Auto Renew Payment Program

By signing up for the Dues Auto-Renew Payment Program, you agree to the verbiage below:

Electronic Dues Payment Program Authorization Agreement
I authorize the Mississippi Dental Association, “MDA” to initiate automated debits to the credit card shown below. This authorization includes all adjusting entries, either debit or credit, that may be required.

I agree to pay all such Dues amounts owed and designed by me. If, for any reason, my credit card is revoked, suspended, halted by me or the credit card cannot be processed for any other reason, I remain responsible for paying the Dues owed directly to Mississippi Dental Association on a timely basis. If a credit card payment debit cannot be processed, Mississippi Dental Association is authorized to attempt to initiate the debit again at a later time. If, for any reason, a debit is repeatedly dishonored. Mississippi Dental Association is not liable for any losses incurred by reason of any failure in the automated debit process. I am responsible for any fees that may be imposed by my credit card issuer. My membership shall not be considered in good standing until all past Dues amounts owed are considered current.

I may terminate automated credit card debits by notifying Mississippi Dental Association by calling 601-664-9691 and the termination will be effective seven business days after the date the notice is received by Mississippi Dental Association.

No refunds will be provided for canceled memberships. By enrolling in a membership, I understand that a “membership year” spans a calendar year from January through December and not a twelve-month period from the date of enrollment. This authorization shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Mississippi, without giving effect to any choice of law rule that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction to the rights and duties of the parties.

Auto Renew Payment Program Agreement
By electing to enroll in the Auto Renew Payment Program as a once-per-year automatic payment of membership dues and/or voluntary dues items, I am thereby agreeing to allow an automatic renewal of my membership in future years. This includes the same terms and conditions as detailed above for the Electronic Dues Payment Program Authorization Agreement In lieu of receiving a dues statement in future years, I understand I will receive an auto-renewal invoice providing information on next year’s membership dues rates and/or voluntary items that I have elected to be enrolled in the Auto Renew Payment Program, and how I can change voluntary contributions or stop the auto renew feature. I agree to provide notice of cancellation in writing of the auto renew payment plan for the proceeding membership year that must be postmarked no later than December 1st. This notice in writing must be sent to the following address: Mississippi Dental Association, 439 B Katherine Dr, Flowood MS 39232.

For new membership please complete a membership application, once application is approved an invoice with payment instructions will be emailed to you.

Invoices for membership dues are issued and mailed in November each year with payment due by January 31st of the next year, for those members who choose the auto-renewal option the MDA will process annual auto-renewals dues on December 1st, orders received after that date will be processed as they are received.

For questions about membership dues, contact:
Tamra Shepherd
Director of Member Services, or 601-664-9691.