MDA Grassroots Advocacy

mississippi-state-capital-jacksonThe ​Mississippi Dental Association actively advocates on local issues of concern to the dental profession ​at the Mississippi State Legislature.
The MDA strives to build and maintain effective working relationships with all of our elected state leaders and representatives. Our grassroots contact dentists are vital to the process and ultimate goal of making the voice of our dentist professional group heard by those who make the laws that govern the profession.

What is a Dental Mid-level Provider?

In some areas of our country, individuals with a lot less education and training are allowed to provide dental treatment to individuals that need oral health care. The Mississippi Dental Association opposes dental mid-level providers and the idea that an individual with less training providing dental care is an optimal solution for our patients who have difficulty obtaining dental care.

The reality is that our government programs that assist with oral health care provision need to be better funded. Also, more programs need to cover adult dental care. Those are two areas that the MDA works to improve to insure that all Mississippians have access to quality oral health care.

The key to a healthy mouth starts at birth. Regular visits to a dentist help you take good care of your teeth and can prevent expensive treatment due to dental disease. A dentist is trained to provide you the best care and to help you have a healthy mouth throughout your lifetime.   

Protecting Mississippians:
Mid-Level Providers Do Not Belong In Our State

Grassroots Advocacy FAQ

  • Why is grassroots advocacy important to dentistry?
  • How many dental related issues could possibly be decided by state officials?
  • What are the legislative issues facing Mississippi dentists?
  • What is a lobbyist and what do they do for us?
  • How can I learn more about politics in Mississippi?
  • How can I get involved?