MDA Programs and Services

The MDA strives to provide membership value through the provision of programs designed to assist dentists and meet professional and personal needs. The following programs and services are available to all MDA members.

Mississippi Association of Recovering Dentists (MARD)

The Mississippi Association of Recovering Dentists (MARD) provides support for the addicted dentist who is in recovery, helps educate the dental community regarding addiction problems, aids in the identification of dentists who are in need of intervention and treatment, and participates in the state program referred to as the Mississippi Professionals Health Program.

MARD is established to help the dentist at the first sign of a problem, with the goal of assisting the dentist toward optimum health while maintaining the ability to continue professional practice or to return to practice. 

MARD accepts referrals from any source including dental peers, dentist well-being committees, hospitals, regulatory agencies, office staff, family members, treatment centers and friends.  

MARD protects the confidentiality and anonymity of both program participants and referents to the fullest extent of the law. 

For additional information or to make a referral, contact:
Dr. Tom Wiggins, Vice President/Chair at  
Dr. Gary D. Carr, Medical Director - Professionals Health Network, Inc. at (601) 516-0382 or Professional Health Network 

Health and Wellness Information

Mississippi Dental Crisis Action Team (MDCAT)

The Mississippi Dental Crisis Action Team (MDCAT) assists members in coping with personal or professional crises to enable them to continue to maintain a productive practice through the provision of dentist volunteers filling in as needed to provide quality care for their dental patients.

Communicate a crisis or need  

Form a Dental Coverage Group
The MDA is aware of a successful dental practice crisis coverage group in District II. The MDA believes that such groups could be beneficial to a number of dentists throughout our state, particularly sole practitioners, and the Association encourages dentists to consider whether this concept would be beneficial in their geographical area of practice.

If you like additional information on forming a group in your area, please feel free to contact Tamra Shepherd at 601-664-9691 or

Mississippi Dental Disaster Team

The Mississippi Dental Disaster Team responds to those situations that require the application of dental knowledge to the purposes of the law. This includes response to any mass disaster within the state of Mississippi where medical treatment and forensic identification of victims may be necessary. Disasters may be classified as related to weather, industry, accidents, fire, bioterrorism or attacks.

MDA Disaster Manual - Customized information in planning for the unexpected

MDA Mediation and Peer Review Program

The MDA provides a mediation and peer review program to help resolve the occasional disagreement between patients and dentist in an effort to avoid litigation. This program does not consider issues about the appropriateness of fees, insurance, billing disputes, or office practice policies.  

To qualify for the mediation process, the dental treatment must have been received within the last twelve months and the complaint must not have been filed with any other entity, mediator, attorney or court.  

This process is non-binding and voluntary and is provided under Mississippi state law code.

Peer Review Process Diagram
How Peer Review Works