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Learn more about your oral health. This website is provided by the American Dental Association and is designed to cover dental health topics related to every phase of life. You can find out more about:

  • Dental topics from A – Z

  • Taking care of your oral health during pregnancy, childhood, teenage years and the different stages of adulthood

  • Nutrition and how it affects your oral health

  • Dental care concerns

ADA Seal of Acceptance

Learn more about the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This seal provides a guarantee that a dental care product has been tested and approved and that it does what it says it does. This seal can help you in your selection of oral care products.

ADA Dental Symptom Checker

Have a dental symptom you are concerned about? Find out more with the ADA Dental Symptom Checker. You can also download the Symptom Checker app for Android and Apple devices from this site.

MouthHealthy Kids.org

Make learning about oral health fun for children. MouthHealthy Kids is an easy way to find super educational videos, games and activities that help children of all ages learn more about their dental health and taking care of their teeth. This website is also a great resource for educators.

MDA Newsroom

Click on this website area for everything from recent headlines to in-depth oral health articles.

What Do Dentists Do?

Find out more about more about what dentists actually do when they treat patients and the training they obtain.

Find A Dentist

This link helps you locate and select a dentist in your local community.

What does it Mean when a Dentist is a Member of the MDA?

Learn more about what it means when your dentist is a member of the MDA and ADA.

Careers in Oral Health

Interested in a career in the dental field? Learn more about the different professional roles in oral health.

Reduced and Low Cost Dental Care

As a service in our state, the MDA lists charitable dental clinics and programs that assist those in need with dental care.