Leadership and Organization Governance

MDA General Assembly, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

The Mississippi Dental Association's legislative body is its General Assembly (entire membership) that meets annually in June.

The MDA's managing body is its Board of Trustees. Our Board is comprised of elected officers, two representatives (trustees) from each of the six dental districts and our Mississippi delegation to the ADA House of Delegates. Our Board meets a minimum of four (4) times per year. Within the Board, there are nine (9) officers and the MDA Executive Director who comprise the Executive Committee. This group addresses items that require immediate attention and cannot be postponed until a regular scheduled Board meeting date.

2023-2024 MDA Board Meeting Dates

1)  August 11, 2023 (Friday)

2)  November 10, 2023  (Friday)

3)  March 22, 2024 (Friday)

4)  June 6, 2024  (Thursday)

MDA Councils and Committees

The MDA's Councils and Committees address work assignments that are directed from the Board of Trustees. They also serve as policy recommending entities on areas that are specific to their assigned work area. District leaders selected by their colleagues and members appointed the MDA President serve on our MDA Councils and Committees.

MDA Districts

MDA dental districts are the local dental groups that comprise the third layer of our tripartite membership organization structure. In Mississippi, we have six (6) dental districts that are aligned with our state licensure board district structure. Our dental districts serve as a local dental community connection point within our membership organization. Each dental district meets once a year and also shares electronic communications with members within the district on an as needed basis.